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As a leadership, organizational behavior, and strategy professor, Brent feels the most important aspect of becoming better is education. This can be in the form of a formal education, through a formal college or university program, self-education, or the school of hard knocks (aka on-the-job education). In any of these cases knowing who you are is first and foremost a good place to start. Through education Brent will work with you to realize your vision. He uses different methods of assessment from personal interview to formal assessments which provide important insights regarding your values and ideas. You will have the opportunity to discover and validate your personal vision, mission, and values. Most importantly working with Brent you can discover your true leadership style so you can influence success in an empathetic and productive environment.

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In order for any action to take place one needs to believe it is allowed to take place. Many people do not feel they can take the steps needed to be a leader or to lead an organization, because they do not have the experience to know they can. Sometimes the key is figuring out what motivates you the most and using it as an empowerment tool. Through discussions and activities Brent will work with you to discover what it is that motivates you to take action. Using a wide variety of motivational theories from Maslow to Herzberg, Brent will help you discover your empowerment triggers so you feel confident that you have the ability to lead. Once you have discovered your true empowerment source, you will then learn how to positively influence others to do the same, creating an effective and efficient environment.

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Engagement means to take action and get involved. Once you have the knowledge and the will to move forward, it is now time to stop the analysis paralysis and just do it! Often new and veteran leaders wonder what will happen if I do this? Then, get stuck in the thoughts because there are too many steps to taking action. The truth is until an initial action is taken then nothing will change. Doing nothing is an action; it is just a passive one. Brent prefers you take active action, and then evaluate what needs to happen next. Will you be correct 100% of the time, no but neither was Thomas Edison when he invented the light bulb. In this workshop, you will discover different ways you can actively engage in everything you do. You become an active participant in your success. You will learn tools to take you to the next level of active engagement, while leading others to their most engaged self.


At Scholar Consulting we pride ourselves at educating, empowering and engaging our clients to action creating change within themselves, their followers or their organization.  60-75 minute workshop offerings in Diversity & Inclusion and Teambuilding. We can also build a workshop to your needs and combine workshops into a half day or full day event, or multiple visit event.

Each Workshop includes:

  • 30 minute Discovery Session
  • Pre-Workshop Survey (if applicable)
  • Two Follow Up Check-In Calls Post Report
  • 1 month of Email Questions



As resources continue to be limited for organizations, it is important for them to come together and collaborate on what matters most to the organization, the people within it and the community. During our time together, you will take an experiential look at how we collaborate and begin a discussion on how to overcome some of the barriers of teamwork. Please come with your ideas and an open mind to explore working together. This workshop is best delivered in a setting of 12-40 people.

Diversity & Inclusion:

The Basics

Diversity may feel like the word of the day but it has been around for a long time. In this interactive discussion your team will learn Diversity 101 and how to spot discrimination in the workplace. This workshop can be delivered in an intimate smaller format or in a larger forum.

Diversity & Inclusion: Let’s Talk About Gender Identity

This interactive workshop will introduce diversity at a high level and then dive deep to learn about gender identity, sexual orientation and how to have respectful conversations with the people in your life. This workshop is best delivered in an intimate setting of 16-20 people.

Diversity & Inclusion: Creating Safe Places

In this interactive discussion, we will identify diversity, review statistics and determine what constitutes a safe place. Most importantly, together we will explore ways to make our places safer. This workshop can be delivered in an intimate smaller format or in a larger forum.


Specialized Services

Organizational Effectiveness and Efficiency Evaluations

Being the most effective and efficient organization does not happen overnight. And sometimes when an organization is going through a growth or leadership change, or has been doing what it has always done for years, it is time to have an organizational evaluation. At Scholar Consulting, we tailor your organizational evaluation to your needs. Each evaluation includes:

  • 60 minute Discovery Session
  • Pre-Arrival Survey
  • Employee Interviews and Observations
  • System Analysis (if applicable)
  • Policy and Procedure Analysis (if applicable)
  • Observation and Recommendation Report
  • Four Follow Up Check-In Calls Post Report
  • 3 months of Email Questions

Strategic Planning

Every person and organization needs to know where they are going, otherwise, how will they know when they arrive? Scholar Consulting uses a quick an easy method to get you and your organization on track to success. Using pre-workshop surveys and conversations with leaders, Scholar Consulting will walk you and your team, board of directors, or project group through a proven process to get you on your way to success. Each strategic planning session includes:

  • 60 minute Discovery Session
  • Pre-Workshop Survey
  • Observation and Recommendation Report
  • Four Follow Up Check-In Calls Post Report
  • 3 months of Email Questions

Policies and Procedures/Technical Writing

Do you know what you want to say, but are not sure how to say it? Scholar Consulting works with you to get your brilliant ideas sounding right.  If you have a policy that needs to be crafted or a procedure written Scholar Consulting can ensure your objectives are clear and why they are important. Sometimes as the expert what is in your head is not what your reader needs to know and may not understand your professional vernacular (wording). We always start our work together with a complimentary discovery consultation (30-60 minutes) to determine your project needs.