When your decision-making processes are taking longer than they should, there is conflict among your team and it is critical to come together fast, then Scholar Consulting will provide you the process, direction and facilitation to guide your team to the critical decision-making moment.

What is a facilitator?

A facilitator can provide support, guidance and structure to an important decision-making process or other important brainstorming session. Usually they are from outside the organization so everyone who should be part of the discussion can participate.

When is a facilitator needed?

A facilitator is needed when a group is easily distracted by tangents and work just does not seem to get done. A facilitator can also assist when there is conflict among the group to guide everyone to a win-win situation. Often it is good to have a facilitator so they can be the neutral party to bring a different structure to the group. If it is critical to leave a meeting with a direction to move forward a facilitator can provide the process and structure to get you there faster.

Each facilitation includes:

60 minute Discovery Session

Observation and Final Takeaway Brief

Two Follow up Check-in calls post brief

3 months of Email Questions

Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Facilitator

(non) Partisan

Facilitators come to the table without concern of the final decision, just supporting you in getting there faster.


Facilitators can look at the situation from multiple angles and ask the hard questions, many are afraid to ask, to get to the heart of the matter faster.


Facilitators bring their expertise of the decision-making process and can create a process to get you and your team to the final goal faster.

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