Scholar Consulting helps you reach your GOALS.

Helping to create a sustainable environment where leaders can grow by providing education, empowerment, and engagement solutions in a simple and effective process for leaders to achieve sustainable success. 

What Brent Does

Partners with individual leaders and organizations on strategic planning, organizational effectiveness, team building, and creating diverse and inclusive work spaces.

After spending nearly a decade teaching and designing courses on business strategy, leadership, and effectiveness for several universities and colleges with diverse pools of learners, Brent knows that personal and team development are key to making organizations truly effective.

Consulting Services

Organizational Effectiveness & Efficiency Evaluations

Being the most effective and efficient organization occurs with wise planning.


When your decision-making processes are taking longer than they should, then Scholar Consulting will provide you the process, direction and facilitation to guide your team to the critical decision-making moment.

Policies and Procedures 
or Technical Writing

Scholar Consulting works with you to get your brilliant ideas sounding right.

Strategic Planning

Scholar Consulting uses a quick an easy method to get you and your organization on track to success.


At Scholar Consulting we pride ourselves at educating, empowering and engaging our clients to action creating change within themselves, their followers and their organization.

Benefits of Hiring
Scholar Consulting

Do the ‘ Dirty Work’ & Identify Solutions

From finding the right candidate, to letting go the wrong one, and for doing the boring research.

Provide Objectivity

Provide objectivity on a situation.

As Needed 

Avoid high costs of using a full time employee for a part time task. Instead get all the value for a fraction of the cost.

Save Money

You save money in the long run with a productive and efficient environment and in the short term on employment taxes since Brent takes care of both sides during the engagement with him.


Our Mission

Provide education, empowerment, and engagement solutions in a simple and effective process for leaders and organizations to achieve sustainable success.

Our Core Values


Growth is important to ensure individual success as well as the success of that person’s sphere of influence. 


Perseverance is key to success. Individuals must maintain their actions in order to be successful.


Without passion, fun, or excitement, there is no motivation to transform.


Most leaders and organizations resist change. At Scholar Consulting, we encourage change through respectful challenges. 

What Our Clients Say