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Our Vision: Create a sustainable environment where leaders and organizations can grow.

Our Mission: Provide education, empowerment, and engagement solutions in a simple and effective process for leaders and organizations to achieve sustainable success.

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Growth is important to ensure individual success as well as the success of that person’s sphere of influence. Organizations rely upon individual personal and professional growth for a sustainable future.



Perseverance is key to success. Individuals must maintain their actions in order to be successful. Life provides obstacles and persistence through life’s challenges can lead one to victory for his/herself and ultimately the organization as a whole.



Without passion, fun, or excitement, help in goal achievement. Individuals need to seize the moment and embrace it. And it helps to be reminded of their love and passion while they are doing it. This enthusiasm transforms organizations to be champions of success and sustainability.



Most leaders and organizations resist change. At Scholar Consulting, we encourage change through respectful challenges. We always want you to grow and by challenging ourselves and our clients we support raising the bar to the next level for people and their organizations.

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Teamwork Puzzle Workshop

As resources continue to be limited for organizations, it is important for them to come together and collaborate on what matters most to the organization, the people within it and the community. During our time together, you will take an experiential look at how we collaborate and begin a discussion on how to overcome some of the barriers of teamwork.

Diversity & Inclusion: The Basics Workshop

Diversity may feel like the word of the day but it has been around for a long time. In this interactive discussion your team will learn Diversity 101 and how to spot discrimination in the workplace. This workshop can be delivered in an intimate smaller format or in a larger forum.

Diversity & Inclusion: Let’s Talk About Gender Identity Workshop

This interactive workshop will introduce diversity at a high level and then dive deep to learn about gender identity, sexual orientation and how to have respectful conversations with the people in your life.

Diversity & Inclusion: Creating Safe Places Workshop

In this interactive discussion, we will identify diversity, review statistics and determine what constitutes a safe place. Most importantly, together we will explore ways to make our places safer.

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